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Coronavirus update 

We are allowing one person to come in with the patient, all patients are asked to wear masks. Unfortunately we are unable to have children in the clinic at the moment.

Please do not visit the clinic if you suspect you have Coronavirus or symptoms or you have been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus.

We have introduced further vetting procedures to ensure essential services only are being booked. This helps provide more capacity for urgent scan appointments whilst the NHS is under unprecedented pressure.

We are taking all appropriate steps to ensure all of our patients and staff are safe during this unfortunate outbreak. As a private diagnostic healthcare provider and NHS provider we would like to inform you that we are leaving spaces between each scans.

It is important that all pregnant women have access to the appropriate antenatal care and we are following advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to ensure our services are safe and effective.

Useful links

Please see the following for advice: NHS Covid-19 AdvicePublic Health England Covid-19 Advice or Guidelines at Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Covid-19 Antibodies Testing Available - £55

It is best done more than 3 weeks after the start of symptoms. This test is not for you if you are currently symptomatic.

For the Abbott laboratory test the specificity is 100% and sensitivity 99.7%.  This is the most accurate test currently available in the UK and it has been approved for use by the NHS.

Please Note: This blood test does not test for current infection and therefore should not be used to diagnose currently symptomatic coronavirus infections. Some people do not develop antibodies even after proven infection with COVID-19.

Our coronavirus antibody blood tests, Abbott laboratory Test, is available in 24 hours.

  • PHE-approved
  • 100% sensitivity
  • 99.7%-100% specificity
  • Excludes false negatives
  • Excludes false positives
  • Can detect fewer IgG antibodies
  • Results in 24 hours

Make your antibody testing appointment

By appointment only, call us on: 020 8357 0957  

High quality, comprehensive pregnancy scans

Pregnancy scans

  • Early Pregnancy and Reassurance/growth/well–being, with one picture – £50 – from 6 weeks to 40 weeks
  • Anomaly scans – £140 – from 20 weeks to 23 weeks
  • Gender scan – hear the baby’s heartbeat – £60 – from 16 weeks
  • Cervical length only – £50 – up to 24 weeks
  • 3D/4D scans – hear the baby’s heartbeat, moving and still pictures – £80 – from 28 weeks to 31 weeks (optimal: 28 weeks)
  • Sneak Peek in 3D/4D – from 16 weeks

View our full list of services and prices or book online for an appointment or for general enquires, please contact us online or call: 020 8357 0957 .

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NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing)

A blood test to check for any chromosomal abnormalities as early as 10 weeks. We offer this from 2 different companies:

Please make an appintment for your NIPT, any time after 10 weeks gestation. If a scan is required, it will be an additional charge of £39.


Private diagnostic ultrasound scans in London at a reasonable price

A referral letter from your doctor is not required.

Contact us today or call us on: 020 8357 0957 .

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We offer affordable prices, flexible clinic hours, and also available on some weekends.

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We request that you book in advance to ensure we have an available slot; however we offer flexible hours to suit you. Our office hours may change; these are regularly updated on our website.

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