Our ultrasound scanning services

We offer a very wide range of ultrasound scanning services including early pregnancy, pregnancy dating/growth/reassurance scans, pelvic, kidneys, shoulder, prostate, testes, musculoskeletal scans and general fertility scans.

Pregnancy scanning services

Service For Women For Men Price
Early Pregnancy6 – 12 weeks  £50
Gender scan 16 weeks £60
Anomaly scan 20 – 23 weeks £130
Growth Scan/Reassurance/Well-Being scan 16+ weeks £55
3D/4D scan 26 – 31 weeks (28 weeks optimal)
NIPT with Harmony 10+ weeks £375
NIPT, IONA Test with Yourgene Health 10+ weeks

Abdomen & Pelvic scanning services

Service For Women For Men Price
Pelvic/Follicle tracking per scan £85
Abdomen scan £85
Aorta £85
Kidneys, Bladder [and Prostate] scan £85
Abdomen & Pelvic scan £170
Abdomen & Kidney scan £170
Kidney & Pelvic Scan £170

More scanning services

Service For Women For Men Price
Shoulder scan £130
Elbow/Forearm scan £90
Hand/Wrist scan £90
Hip scan £130
Knee scan £90
Foot/Ankle scan £90
Testes £130
Carotid vascular scan £160
DVT (per leg) £180
Soft tissue lumps £90
Hernia (anterior abdominal wall/inguinal) £85

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