Images of your beautiful baby in London

3D & 4D scans - HD Live available (growth scan included)

(28-30 wks) Optimum time is 28-29 wks 

At Ultrasound Scanning Services, we provide images of your baby during pregnancy, and offer affordable prices in comparison to other companies.

  • Receive images of your baby by obtaining 3D and 4D baby scans prior to birth.
  • A 40 minute scan;
  • A 3D colour image ( 4’ × 6’) and
  • 3D/4D images on a DVD video;
  • A report will also be provided at the end of the scan.

Priced at £95

Growth/reassurance/well-being scans

At Ultrasound Scanning Services, we provide images of your baby during pregnancy, and offer affordable prices in comparison to other companies.

From 12 weeks to 20 weeks we can provide a scan to check the growth/well-being of your baby. It is a 20 minutes scan to ensure everything is fine. £70

From 20 - 40 weeks we can provide a scan to check the growth/well-being of your baby, also check the fluid around the baby,  We perform pulsed doppler on the umbilical artery. The weight of the baby can also be given in later pregnancy. £75

On the NHS, after your 20 week scan there are no more scans. A midwife will check the size of growth of the baby by a tape measure on your abdomen; however this is not an accurate method determining size. Ultrasound is more accurate in measuring the size of your baby and also checks for baby movements.

Growth Scan - Detailed checks of your baby’s size

A pregnancy growth scan of the baby is performed to check baby’s size by measuring:

  • Abdominal circumference used to monitor foetal growth
  • The head: head circumference (HC)
  • The abdomen: abdominal circumference (AC)
  • The leg: femur length (FL)

The late pregnancy growth scan also assesses:

  • Placental position.
  • Amount of fluid surrounding the baby i.e. liquor volume
  • Position of the baby (i.e. breech, cephalic, transverse)
  • Baby’s current state of health by looking for baby’s body and breathing movements.

2D scan photos are given to you along with a full written report. A sneak peek the baby in 3D/4D. A 3D picture can be bought for £5 each on request.

If your baby is found to have problem on the late pregnancy growth scan we will liaise with your healthcare team and hospital, letting them know our findings and provide them with a report,

A diagnostic scan is always performed to ensure the growth and well-being of your baby.

Watch your baby move in colour and HD live

Colour 3D Baby Scan

Colour 3D scan at 28  weeks

Acquire detailed images of your baby in the later stages of his or her development.

3D and 4D scans show the best results at  28 weeks or 18 28 weeks for twin pregnancy.

Our experienced Sonographers are able to provide 3D/4D ultrasound scans from 20 weeks and onwards, however we recommend that you choose the dates suggested above in order to obtain the best results.

What is the difference between a 3D and a 4D scan?

  • A 3D scan is a still image of a 3 dimensional picture of the baby.
  • A 4D scan is a video of a 3 dimensional picture of the baby.

They are performed at the same time and recorded on to a USB.

A diagnostic well-being growth scan will also be performed and the anatomy will be checked such as stomach, kidneys, bladder and placenta position. Measurements will be taken and we will check the amount of fluid around the baby is normal.

Preparation for the scan

We recommend wearing loose clothing during the procedure. You do not need to remove any items of clothing, but we will need to access the stomach area.

In order for us to gain a clearer picture we would suggest you start drinking about 2 or 3 extra glasses of water each day before the scan leading up to your appointment, this will ensure there will be enough fluid around the baby. You do not need a full bladder.

3D/4D is dependent on the size and the position of the baby; other factors include the amount of fluid surrounding the baby and in some cases excess maternal abdominal fat. If we are complete unsuccessful then a complimentary scan will be arranged.


Service Price
3D/4D scan 26 – 30 weeks £95
Notes: Multiple pregnancies will be charged an extra £30. If you would like a sneak peek at the baby in 3D/4D, either a picture or video can be bought for £5 each.

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