Anomaly pregnancy scan

Highly detailed scan of the anatomy

  • Suitable for 20 – 23 weeks
  • A 40-Minute Scan;
  • A 2D Black and White Image and
  • 2 pictures black and white (USB stick available for £5).
  • A report with a graph will also be provided at the end of the scan.

Priced at £180

2D Black and White Image at 20 Weeks

2D Scan

Details of the anomaly scan

3D Colour Image at 20 Weeks

3D/4D Scan

During the anomaly scan a detailed anatomical check is performed. Measurements are also taken to check the baby’s growth.

A professional Sonographer will show you the baby the in detail, such as:

  • Head,
  • face,
  • chest,
  • heart,
  • stomach,
  • kidneys,
  • bladder,
  • cord insertion,
  • spine,
  • upper and lower limbs,
  • the position of the placenta and
  • if there is a normal amount of fluid around the baby.

The gender of the baby can be identified if you wish.

Please tell the sonographer if you would like a sneak peek at the baby in 3D/4D.

Anomaly pricing

Service Price
Anomaly scan 20 – 23 weeks £180
Notes: Multiple pregnancies will be charged at an extra £40; a 3D picture can be bought for £5 each

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