Ultrasound testes scan for men

Testes scan

Receive confidential testicular ultrasound examinations from our established company. At Ultrasound Scanning Services, in Kingsbury, London, we provide testes scans that help to identify any underlying pathologies at an early stage.

  • A 20 minute scan;
  • Report provided at the end of the scan.

Priced at £150

The ultrasound procedure

Ultrasound Probe

Detecting any lumps or bumps

We provide ultrasound for males from the age of 16 onwards. The examination detects any lumps or bumps in the scrotum area, and is conducted by placing the transducer (probe) over this area.

Preparation procedure

There is no preparation for the scan.

Testes Diagram

A confidential service

During the procedure, our friendly professional staff will explain what the procedure will entail and ensure you feel at ease at all times. If you prefer, you may bring a chaperone with you or one can be provided on request. The service is confidential.

During the examination, you will be asked to lower your trousers down to your knees and then lay on the couch. A sheet of paper is placed over the exposed area. Some gel is applied to the testicles and a transducer is scanned across the area in order to show images on the screen.


Service Price
Testes £150

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