NHS ultrasound scans in Luton

If you’ve arrived from an email link, welcome to our website! We have listed details instructions and also more information and directions for the individual surgeries in Luton.

We are a private company providing ultrasound scans for the General Practitioners (GPs) in Luton. For all further queries please contact us online or call: 020 8357 0957 .

Please follow the appropriate instructions for your scan…

Instructions for an Abdomen ultrasound

  • Do not eat anything six hours before the scan;
  • Do not drink milk – you may drink water, fruit juice, black tea or coffee;
  • Do not eat dairy products (milk, butter etc.);
  • If you are diabetic: you may eat dry toast with jam/marmalade two hours before your appointment.

Instructions for Pelvic or Kidney scans

  • Start drinking 1 litre of water or fruit squash 1½ hour before the scan;
  • Do not empty your bladder until after the scan;
  • You need a FULL BLADDER for the scan;
  • You can take your medication as normal;
  • You can eat and drink normally after the scan.

Please call the number 020 83570957 if you need to cancel or rebook.

Arriving for your scan

Do not wear good clothes as gel is placed on your skin and this can stain your clothes. These stains will wash off. Wear loose clothing. It is our policy to return the form back to the doctor if you do not attend, therefore you will have to go back to your doctor if you still require the scan.


What is an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound is sound waves which is used to build a picture which can be displayed on a screen.

What happens during the scan?

A gel will be applied to your skin. This allows the sensor to slide easily over the skin. You may be asked to take deep breaths and hold your breath for a moment. The scan will take 20 minutes. The report will be sent to your GP within 2 working days after your scan.

What are the risks and benefits?

It is a painless procedure, it does not use x-rays, and it can be used safely during pregnancy. For standard diagnostic ultrasound there are no known harmful effects to humans.

For more information about the potential risks of ultrasound visit the The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS).

What are the limitations of ultrasound imaging?

Ultrasound waves have difficulty penetrating bone and air so organs such as the lungs cannot be scanned. The stomach and bowel are best examined in other ways such as x-rays or by having cameras inserted into them.

Directions to surgeries in Luton

Larkside Practice, Churchfield Medical Centre

Larkside Practice, Churchfield Medical Centre 322 Crawley Green Road LU2 9SB.

While driving up Crawley Green Road look for Richmond Hill School on the right and carry on next to Wigmore Church Go into Churchfield Centre – Larkside practice is on the right side as you enter the building. Let reception know you have arrived.

Larkside Practice Street View

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